Over 40 years of European Music Radio since February 1976 with over 300 Transmissions.

                     On this website you will find information as to why the station was started, along with events in our Pirate and Legal History.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​               European   Music   Radio

    The Coolest Music on Shortwave in Europe and North America

    6070 via Channel 292 - 9485 via MV Baltic R & 7490 via WBCQ

  • Last Transmission17:04

 Test on 6250 Khz 12th Dec 76

  • Test on 6250 KHz2:55

EMR is Born and the Pirate days

​European Music Radio was started by Tom Taylor and Bob Tomalski from the London soul station Radio Invicta. 

Tom started in Pirate Radio back in 1969 with the London Land-Based Helen Broadcasting Network on 1525 KHz.

Tom was also involved in Radio Jackie between 1970 and 1976.

​In February of 1976, EMR started test Transmissions on 6250 KHz in the 48 Metre band, and then regular Transmissions every

3rd Sunday of the month from the 15th of May 1977 on 6265 KHz.

The Transmitter power in February 1976 was only 5 watts with the Radio Kaleidoscope standbye TX,  and then increased power to 

50 watts in December 1976 with our own Transmitter .

​​EMR Transmitting Sites

The EMR Transmission sites between 1976 and 1980 were from the following Locations

in the UK:  Caterham, Dorking and Guildford in Surrey, Crawley in West Sussex, 

Sevenoaks and Edenbridge in Kent, Bracknell in Berkshire and Salisbury in Wiltshire UK.

​The last EMR Transmission site was Mitcham in Surrey were the station was raided by

the Police and DTI on the 19th of October 1980 at 10.30 UTC.                                                                                       Red spots are Transmission sites


​In 1980 the station continued until the 19th of October when a raid took place and Tom Taylor and all Transmission Equipment

was lost, subsequently Tom was fined £125 with £50 cost to the court ​​for operating an unlicensed radio station, but on the day

of the court case it was mentioned by the UK authorities that EMR had caused NO interference to any other radio services.

In November 1980 after the raid, EMR returned to the air with relays via FRS Holland, Weekend Music Radio and Radio Krypton.

In January 1981 EMR moved all Transmissions over to the Free Radio Service Holland on 7315 KHz. 

​There were 10 more Transmissions made until the 12th of June 1983 when EMR closed down and was not heard until 1986/87

when Roger Tate reactivated the station once again, within 6 months the station was off air not to be heard until February 1996.

​We would like to thank Peter Verbruggen from FRSH who provided Transmission facilities from November 1980 to June 1983.

 On the 16th of March 1980 we announced over the air that EMR may close down, we received 186 letters saying, stay on the air!

 Between December 1976 and the 12th of June 1983, EMR had received over 3600 letters from listeners from 77 Transmissions.  

 After the return in 1996, EMR's programmes were Transmitted from Holland or the UK on 31, 41 or 48 metres.

 November 2002 started a new phase in EMR's life with Legal Broadcasts and higher power, from 50 watts up to Kilowatts.  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​EMR was an unlicensed (Pirate) broadcaster, and Tom and Bob could not use their real names, so Tom became Barry Stephens and           Bob became Roger Tate just like he was on Radio Invicta, Bob presented the EMR mail box programme between 1976 and October 1980.

​When RNI was on the air back in the 1970s, AJ Beirens broadcast a weekly DX programme called " Nordsee goes DX " on 6205.

After RNI, AJ's voice was heard again on 48 metres in 1975 with ABC Europe, then 2 years later on EMR between December            

1977 and March 1979 with EMR DX. 

In the mid to late 1970s there were a large number of Shortwave landbase Pirate Stations Transmitting from Europe, some were  

Transmitting on a weekly schedule and others on a monthly schedule, EMR took the 3rd and 5th Sunday time slots.

On the 17th of September 1978  EMR started a new service on 41 metres, this was to improve reception in the summer months,              

also EMR changed channels to 6235 and 7325 KHz.

EMR continued in 1978 and 1979 with great success, and on the 16th of December 1979 made a test to the USA with 10 watts of                 power and received 12 letters from the USA and 1 from Canada with a signal of fair reception.​                   

          Tom Taylor with the finished Transmitter

Tom Taylor making the 10 watt Transmitter