Over 40 years of European Music Radio since February 1976 with over 300 Transmissions.

                     On this website you will find information as to why the station was started, along with events in our Pirate and Legal History.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​               European   Music   Radio

    The Coolest Music on Shortwave in Europe and North America

    6070 via Channel 292 - 9485 via MV Baltic R & 7490 via WBCQ

  • EMR September 201730:12

  • EMR January 201730:03

  EMR off Air Recordings from Youtube

  • EMR September 201729:46

  • EMR January 201729:56

  • 40th Birthday 201630:47

9290 Aerial System at Ulbroka in Latvia 2004

9290 Aerial System at Ulbroka in Latvia 2004

9290 "storm" 100 KW Transmitter at Ulbroka , Latvia ​                      

One more off air recording on 9290 KHz from the 14th of April 2004 via Simon Mason's website.

EMR was relayed via the IRRS from the 23rd of November 2002 untill August 2016 on 5775, 13840, 15725 KHz, 7290 & 9510 KHz.

The last Transmission via Ulbroka on 9290 KHz was made on the 21st of December 2008, 1 week before 9290 ended Transmissions.

​In 2005 EMR introduced our Internet service which allowed listeners to tune in and hear the programmes in stereo, our thanks go

out to Jack Raats in Holland and Mike Taylor for the service.

 Broadcasting from Germany and Sweden

On the 18th of June 2006 we linked up with MV Baltic Radio on 6045 KHz from Wertachtal and took the 3rd Sunday slot of 12.00

to 13.00 UTC and later that year on 5965 and 6140 KHz until December 18th 2011 when MV Baltic Radio set up there own 1 KW

Transmitting station in Gorhen, Germany on 9480 KHz (now on 9485 KHz) and later on 7265 and 6190 KHz.

Relays were also made via Radio 700 on 6005 KHz between March 18th 2012 until April 21st 2013 from there site in Kall-Krekel,

Germany, also relays were made via KBC on 6045, 11650 & 9475 KHz from Nauen, Germany and Radio Revival Sweden on 6 & 9 MHz.

We are currently Transmitting via MV Baltic Radio on 9485 KHz, Channel 292 on 6070 KHz and WBCQ on 7490 KHz to North America.


​​​​​​​​In November 2002 ​EMR changed from a "Pirate" Radio Station to a "Legal" Broadcaster, but remains a true free radio station.

EMR began it's Legal life on the 23rd of November 2002 via the Italian Radio Relay Service in Milan, Italy on 13840 KHz. 

From 50 watts to Kilowatts, the coverage over Europe became much greater with reports of good signals in most parts of Europe.

​Broadcasting from Latvia

​On the 9th of February 2003 EMR started Transmissions via KREBS TV in Ulbroka, Latvia with 100 KW and a directional antenna

beamed in to Western Europe on 5935, and later on 9290 KHz.         


Signals from the Latvian Transmitter were very powerful on 9290 KHz throughout Europe with a signal 5 on a small portable radio

with only a short telescopic aerial far away from the Transmitting site in Latvia, they were great days indeed!.

Many thanks go out to my wife Jan and Daughter Louise for all there help in answering listeners letters and QSL request's.


Legal Broadcasting from EMR