Over 40 years of European Music Radio since February 1976 with over 300 Transmissions.

                     On this website you will find information as to why the station was started, along with events in our Pirate and Legal History.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​               European   Music   Radio

    The Coolest Music on Shortwave in Europe and North America

    6070 via Channel 292 - 9485 via MV Baltic R & 7490 via WBCQ

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Here are some archive recording from the days of our field Transmissions from a lonely hill side.

Just before the station became Legal in 2002 we were testing our 180 watt TX from the UK, and after the 31st of March 2002 all

Pirate Transmissions were stopped.    

EMR started Pirate Transmissions in 1976 with very low power tests on 6250 KHz, these tests continued until November 1976.

Full power Transmissions were started on the 12th of December 1976 with 50 watts of power at 11.45 UTC on 6250 KHz.

The above photos will give you a good idea of what it looked like on location with the very small amount of equipment in the 1970s   


Crystals & Valves               used in the 1970s

180 watt Transmitter                        ​SWR + B/P Filter  2001

EMR 10 watt TX                                        on site in 1978                                     Circuit Diagram of the EMR 10 watt  TX           

​Circuit Diagram of the EMR 180 watt Transmitter

​EMR 180 watt TX and live studio from 2001

​Here are some ​pictures of typical Transmitting equipment and circuit diagrams that EMR, and many other pirate stations have used over the years, also some pictures of Tom Taylor on the EMR Transmitting sites.

EMR (Pirate) Transmitting Equipment .