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​​​​​​​​​​​​​               European   Music   Radio

    The Coolest Music on Shortwave in Europe and North America

    6070 via Channel 292 - 9485 via MV Baltic R & 7490 via WBCQ

AJ Beirens

  • Barry Stephens - Radio Spot 31:31

  • EMR After the Raid5:55

  • Mail Box Prog30:27

Tom Taylor  (Barry Stephens)1983

  • EMR - R Atlantis30:51

In October 1980 European Music Radio was Raided

by the UK Authorities, and in November 1980  we were

relayed via Weekend Music Radio to let the Listeners

know that we had been Raided.

  • AJ's International Service11:10

A message from AJ to Tom Taylor from the 18th of May 2014:

​However difficult the circumstances, Tom always managed to get the station on the air.

The European Music Radio Studio in 2017

​EMR studio in 1979

         ​Tom Taylor founder member of EMR ​

 ​AJ Beirens, presenter of the EMR DX programme from December 1977 to March 1979, famous for his programmes on RNI, Atlantis  and ABC Europe back in the 1970s. 

 Bob became famous in later years as a Technical journalist and a TV and radio personality. Bob also wrote a number of articles

 for UK "gadget" magazine, and was a Sky TV presenter as well as a radio personality on many UK (Legal) stations.

 Bob sadly passed away in 2001.


  Roger Tate in 1978

EMR mail box studio in Mitcham Surrey

​EMR's Studio Pictures + AJ Beirens - Roger Tate & Tom Taylor

Two of the most popular programmes on EMR were the mail box and DX shows persented by Roger Tate, AJ and Tom.

The mail box programme was produced in Bob's own studio in Surrey, AJ's in Belguim and Tom recorded his part in South London.  

      Over 40 years of European Music Radio since February 1976 with over 300 Transmissions.

                     On this website you will find information as to why the station was started, along with events in our Pirate and Legal History.